Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Out & About: Bury St. Edmunds

Today we took a little shopping trip to Bury. I worked there for a while last year, but it was D's first visit. We had such a great time. Hours of shopping and a spot of lunch at the Really Rather Good Coffee House. 
Such a cute little cafe with super friendly staff. We scoffed down our delicious sandwiches in record time. 
Check out the cool plates... 
Then we headed back into town to check out the cool Christmas lights (and a little more shopping).
What a great day! We headed back to Norwich in the early evening and decided to finally try to the Dray Yard Smokehouse (we've been meaning to give it a go since it opened). OMG... the food was fantastic. D went for the steak, which was unbelievable. And I went for a simple chicken salad, which was just as good (sorry for the lack of pictures - the food was so distracting and we totally forgot!). The next time you're in Norwich, you gotta grab yourself some authentic American Barbecue - Dray Yard Smokehouse.

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