Tuesday, 11 August 2015

GoGo Dragons Norwich Adventure

D and I invited the family to Norwich this Monday for a GoGo Dragon adventure. It took most of the day, and we still only managed to find less than half (there are over 80 in total)! At the end of the day D and I were well and truly knackered. Wow, kids are so tiring. 
We saw some truly fantastic Dragons along the way, all hidden in and around Norwich's city centre. It was hard enough finding just 37!
The Forum has some great Dragons, especially Tuppence - he was covered all over in two pence pieces (pictured above). We had a lot of fun along the way too (that's my Mum). 
These two little monsters had a great time. I'm sure they'll be back to our Fine City very soon to finish off the #teamdk dragon hunt. 
For more info, check out the GoGo Dragons Here.

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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Norfolk: Family Fun Day

Every summer my folks look after my nephews for a week or two. Me and D decided it was time for Auntie K and Uncle D to help out with the babysitting duties. First, D and I made everyone a delicious family meal, then we decided an impromptu cinema visit was in order. The boys and my mum went to see Inside Out, whilst D, I and my dad went to see Mission Impossible 5. We indulged on way too much pick 'n' mix, and had a throughly good time. 
After a good nights sleep we decided to hit the beach. It was my turn to look after with kids (with a little help from my mum), and we headed to Heacham, whilst D and my Dad hit the nearby golf course. 
Alas, by the time we got there the sun had well and truly gone in. It was super chilly and windy, but the kids were having a whale of a time hunting for crabs in the rock pools. Me and Mum decided to entertain ourselves with a few games of Boules. 
It became so windy that the hat and cardio came out. 
After an hour or so, we gave up, got back into the car and headed over to Hunstanton. The kids love it there. Arcades, bingo, crazy golf and a fantastic SeaLife Centre. On the way to the amusements, we saw pony ride on the beach. This was Josh's very first time on a horse... and he loved it. (Sorry for the picture quality... zooming with an iPhone!) 
How fun? 
Even with the poor weather, we all had a fantastic day. D got to play his first ever round of golf, and... he drove a golf cart (sorry... no photos). And, me and the kids had an awesome day at the beach. Hopefully, I'll have ever more summer adventures to share with you next week. 

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Sunday, 2 August 2015

The Oh Comely Box

This isn't the first time I've posted about Oh Comely here at Team DK. As you may already know, Oh Comely is my absolute favourite magazine. I love everything from the way it looks and feels, to the amazing stories and unique contributions. If you've not read it you yet... why not? Go to WHSmiths and buy one right now. I promise, you won't regret it. 
But, that's not all. Oh Comely is now offering a box of goodies with each bi-monthly magazine. D knows how much I love the magazine, and decided to surprise me with a magazine and gift box subsriction (what an absolute sweetheart). Find out more about the subscription info here. I received my very first box of goodies this week, and was so excited when my package arrived. 
The best thing about the box? Oh Comely choose a new artist to create and curate the box each issue. And... you have no idea what you're going to get. How cool is that? 
Look at the presentation. So cool. 
Everything was beautifully wrapped in tissue paper and string. 
And here's what I got... A cute little notebook. 
This unique wheel. A new face/design each time you spin it round. 
A deck of playing cards. 
These fantastic pin badges. The two bottoms ones look just like a young Robert Plant!
Oh, and the magazine of course. I can't wait for the next one!!!

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