Team DK FAQs and Sponsorship Info...
If you have any questions about D&K or this blog, you may find the answers here -

What does D&K stand for? I'll never tell. 
Only kidding... Dorian and Katrina. 

Why did you start this blog? We wanted to create an on-line memory, something for us to look back at when we get older. Plus, it's really fun. 

What do you do? D is working on his Masters Degree and K will be starting a PhD in a few months. Plus, we both wait tables!

What camera do you use? We mostly use our iPhones because we're too lazy to get the Canon 550D out if its case. 

Are you accepting sponsors, product reviews or giveaways? Yes, and thanks for asking. You can contact us here - teamdkblog [at] gmail [dot] com for more information. 

Sponsorship Info 
We are still a new blog, but we have some real big plans. Over the next few months we will be introducing banner ads, guest posts, giveaways, regular features and much much more. Stay tuned, more info will follow shortly.


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