Wednesday, 3 December 2014

TeamDK: Christmas Labels

Here's a quick and easy Christmas label project. This is what you'll need...
- Some old style tags 
- A to/from stamp (this is optional) 
- An ink stamp pad (again optional)
- Some metallic pens 
My design is just a guide. I wanted to make some (sort of) handmade labels this year, and I'll be using these with some stag wrapping paper and vintage string (I'll be posting pictures of my wrapped presents Christmas eve). Go wild with your labels. I wanted to keep mine as simple as possible, to ensure they wouldn't clash with my chosen wrapping paper. This will add a fabulous handmade touch to your gifts this year. 
As you may have noticed... I didn't have a wooden stamp block, so instead I stuck the stamp to an old tupperwear lid.
And here are my finished labels... pretty simple, but I like them. Have fun making yours. 
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