Tuesday, 11 August 2015

GoGo Dragons Norwich Adventure

D and I invited the family to Norwich this Monday for a GoGo Dragon adventure. It took most of the day, and we still only managed to find less than half (there are over 80 in total)! At the end of the day D and I were well and truly knackered. Wow, kids are so tiring. 
We saw some truly fantastic Dragons along the way, all hidden in and around Norwich's city centre. It was hard enough finding just 37!
The Forum has some great Dragons, especially Tuppence - he was covered all over in two pence pieces (pictured above). We had a lot of fun along the way too (that's my Mum). 
These two little monsters had a great time. I'm sure they'll be back to our Fine City very soon to finish off the #teamdk dragon hunt. 
For more info, check out the GoGo Dragons Here.

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